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Vintage Stereo Audio Repair

Serving Southwestern Pennsylvania

Repair service for vintage solid state audio in the Pittsburgh area

Tired of waiting months for repairs?

If you have been looking for a reliable tech and a reasonable turnaround for repairs on your vintage stereo equipment, its my goal to make that happen. I’m not going to stack your item on a shelf for months, I will look it over and provide an estimate within several days.

If you approve the estimate parts that are not on hand will be ordered without delay, in addition I offer a low cost evaluation of most receivers/integrated amps and standalone power amplifiers should you want to be sure your gear is performing as it should.

Restorative Services

If your wanting to re-cap and replace the known components that go bad such as small signal transistors, diodes, resistors and replace lamps, that work will get completed with my full attention and with a fixed cost so there will be no surprises. I would do some pretesting to be sure there were no major issues such as bad outputs for example. Scratchy volume controls or noisy switches would be addressed during the restore work.

This is the best route to take for the more valuable gear and will offer the most reliable service life to you.

The restorative service comes with a six month warranty for peace of mind.

(some exclusions apply, such as damage caused by power a surge or a cause not related to the work performed.)

Regular troubleshooting down to the component level, lamp replacement or LED lighting updates, new vellum, cleaning volume and switches with Deoxit D5 and Fader cleaners is also performed.

My Experience

I have 30+ years in the television broadcast industry (13 of them at WTAE-TV) servicing electronic equipment, much of it being many times more complicated than our favorite audio gear, I have used industry standard test equipment then and use it when working on your audio gear.
I take my time and enjoy working on audio gear, I want you to be satisfied when you reconnect your equipment and it works as it should.

I have a low overhead as I work out of my home which allows me to offer an hourly rate of $60.

Measurements are made using an Audio Precision analyzer, Rhode Schwarz UPL, Tek scopes, Fluke DMMs, Keithley 2015 (2) and a Panasonic AM-FM Stereo signal generator, when matched pairs of transistors are required I use a curve tracer.

Contact info

[email protected]

I am Located just 4 miles south of the South Hills Village Mall in McMurray PA. Email is the best way to start the conversation about servicing your gear. I can be reached at 412-398-8319 as well.

What do the test results look like?

Most reports are graphed as shown below.

Equipment for sale

1 Sansui D9

1 Marantz 2270 Receiver restored with warranty

Pioneer SX-1980 fully restored with warranty

Available to demo!

Current in-work repairs

Kenwood 9600

Sherwood HP2000

Kenwood 7100

Sansui 9090DB

Pioneer SX-1010

Otari MX-5050

Marantz 4400

Yamaha A-1

Sansui AU-20000

Sansui G-9700

Recently completed work

Marantz 2285B

Sansui G-22000 full restoration

G-9000 for basic checkout

Yamaha 810 II

Sansui BA-5000

Sansui 9090db

Sansui G-9000 restoration

Sansui G-901 restoration

Kenwood 9600 restoration

Sansui g-8000 restoration

Realistic 2300 amplifier protect replair

Yamaha CR2040 left channel amp repair

Yamaha CR1000 power supply issue

Sansui G-8700 driver and power supplies updates – new filters

Sansui 9090db (2) full restoration

Pioneer SX-1010 full restoration, modern power supply

Sherwood 110 driver and tone board updates

Sansui G-22000 for bad left channel

Sansui G-7500 for restoration

Sansui 9090 for restoration

Pioneer SX-780 – new style STK replacements- recapping

Sansui QRX 6001 mild restoration

Trio (Kenwood) KA9300

My workbench

Test Equipment used in repair of vintage stereo